A Trip to Dhobi Ghat

Getting to Dhobi Ghat means travelling on an Indian local train. This is an experience in itself, they are unbelievably crowded and the doors are never closed so people hang out of them. Many travellers  are killed every year.

Indians seem to have no concept of personal space so getting off the train and through the station is a bit of an endurance test.



Mahalaxmi Station

Mahalaxmi Station much worse than the Tube!


But the view outside is worth it. Its not pretty like some laundries we have seen at riversides but it is impressive!

Dhobi Ghat is the largest outdoor laundry in the world. The dhobi wallahs wash hotel, personal and hospital laundry in outdoor pens rented from the government. Apparently there are washing machines somewhere but I couldn’t see them from our view point on the flyover next to Mahalalaxmi Station.



Everything looked spotless drying in the sun and not a pot of Vanish in sight!