Coffee Time in Canterbury at Turquoise Cafe

The Turquoise Cafe in Butchery Lane  sells real Turkish coffee and backlava. It has a good range of delicious looking cakes and tarts and an extensive hot drink menu.



A nice upstairs room.

  • Excellent location near the cathedral.
  • The service was very offhand not sure they really wanted any customers that morning. We won’t be going back so I don’t know if that was just an off day.
  • Not cheap but reasonable for what we ordered.
  • Nice place upstairs to sit with comfortable chairs.
  • We didn’t try the Turkish coffee but had hot chocolate and a cup of Earl Grey, both very good.
  • The food we had was excellent, large slices and the option of cream on top.
  • The toilet is at the top of the spiral staircase!


upstairs at Turquoise cafe


Looks nice and the selection of food and drink is good but I won’t go back to somewhere with such an off hand attitude to paying customers.

Shame as it could be a nice place.

Coffee Time in Canterbury at Boho

Boho is in the High Street so a seat in the window as you drink your coffee lets you watch the world go by.

Bo Ho interior

But there’s plenty of room further back in the cafe if you prefer and a small outside area. The decor is unusual but fun.

Loved the brightly painted walls and chairs.

That apple tart was delicious just the right amount of sugar and spice. I’m told the breakfast was brilliant too.

The scrambled eggs were spread over a very large part of the floor by my granddaughter but the waitress kept smiling!



  • Perfect location for a shopper, right in the middle of the High Street
  • The service was excellent, fast and friendly.
  • A great place to sit for a while with quirky decor.
  • The coffee was excellent.
  • There is a large menu including all my favourites like roast veg and goats cheese.
  • Prices are reasonable.
  • The toilet was clean.

scrambled eggs


Really liked this place and will definitely go again. There are several things on the menu I would like to try.