Looking Round Lucerne

Lucerne is in the German speaking part of Switzerland but luckily for the language challenged Brits, as they do in so many countries,  they all speak English. Other parts of the country speak Italian, French or Romansh which  is not an official language and only spoken in a few mountain valleys. So in the shop labels are in three languages meaning, even without help, bad french and guessing get you what you need.

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Around Tunis

Everybody has heard of Carthage, founded in the ninth century BC, on the Gulf of Tunis.

I know a little about the three Punic wars and Hannibal crossing the Alps to Italy on an elephant. That’s the extent of my knowledge but it was enough to make me keen to visit.

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Coffee time in Canterbury – Bill’s

We had  breakfast in Bills just after it opened. It was ok but not great. The pancakes were a bit sad with not much  fresh fruit  despite Bills website telling you they are  548 calories.

But the coffee was good and we thought it was worth another try especially as they sent us a buy one get one free offer on mains.

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