Coffee Time in Canterbury at Turquoise Cafe

The Turquoise Cafe in Butchery Lane  sells real Turkish coffee and backlava. It has a good range of delicious looking cakes and tarts and an extensive hot drink menu.



A nice upstairs room.

  • Excellent location near the cathedral.
  • The service was very offhand not sure they really wanted any customers that morning. We won’t be going back so I don’t know if that was just an off day.
  • Not cheap but reasonable for what we ordered.
  • Nice place upstairs to sit with comfortable chairs.
  • We didn’t try the Turkish coffee but had hot chocolate and a cup of Earl Grey, both very good.
  • The food we had was excellent, large slices and the option of cream on top.
  • The toilet is at the top of the spiral staircase!


upstairs at Turquoise cafe


Looks nice and the selection of food and drink is good but I won’t go back to somewhere with such an off hand attitude to paying customers.

Shame as it could be a nice place.