A Visit to the Golan Heights

Or How to Freak out Your Children in One Easy Step

A visit to the Golan Heights, the battleground of the 1973 Yom Kippur war is a surprising experience. It is actually a volcano covered in sculptures made from abandoned weapon parts.


sculpture from weapons

sculpture from weapons

There is a cafe cum souvenir shop  but also there are old war bunkers


and UN peacekeeping troops.




Getting in to Trouble

The views from the top are spectacular which is what got me into trouble. Thrilled to actually be able to see into Syria (after all I will probably never get to go there in my lifetime) I took a photo on my phone and WhatsApped it to family at home. The reaction was swift and not good-  eldest daughter demanded our immediate return to England. Explanations that we weren’t actually in Syria didn’t help at all. She had not been impressed with us going to Israel anyway and this was the last straw. It took several days of pictures of shops and food to placate her!