Eating in Israel

If my granddaughter has been with us in Israel I would have an instagram set of at least  twenty one pics of meals to choose from. However my mind is usually on eating not photographing my food. So I don’t have any examples.

All I can say is that all the food was delicious. The diced salads are very tasty and you will not find fresher fish anywhere.

As I am not a great fan of chick peas I was a little concerned that my food choices would be limited. Falafel, deep fried balls of chick peas and spices, are more or less compulsory for lunch and hummus is everywhere but I needn’t have worried there was plenty of choice and for dessert there was baklava and ice cream, lots of ice cream!

The fruit and veg in the market all looked wonderful


The sweet offerings are even better!



The coffee is excellent and the cold fruit juices are great, only surpassed by the hot cider.

The olives, dates and spices taste as good as they look.