Exploring The Cameron Highlands

Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands are a welcome respite from the heat in the lowlands. The main draw  is  the beautiful green landscape  covered by tea plantations. There are commercial tourist attractions but they are very gentle and about tea or wildlife.

Mossy Forest

First stop of the day was a walk in the wonderfully named  Mossy Forest and on to an observation point to see the the early morning mist rise over the forest.


Then on to a Tea Plantation

A tour of the factory and a chance to sample local tea in the cafe with a view over the plantation.


Cameron Highlands tea plantation

Next we could have gone to a strawberry farm to pick our own but when you live in Kent PYO strawberries are not really an exotic  treat!


Cameron highlands strawberry farm

Then things got a little weirder – a visit to a honey bee farm billed as one of the main attractions of the Cameron Highlands.

Lots of honey related products to buy and a garden full of faded bee models.


There were some real bees too!

More Creepy Crawlies

A hands on experience with some major creepy crawlies.

A Peaceful Temple

And then where would you find a Chinese  Buddhist temple – just outside Brinchang of course. The Sam Poh Temple was very quiet and a nice place to wander around.


The crazy statues are Dhrtarastra, king of the east and of music, who carries a lute and Virudhaka, king of the south and ruler of the wind,  who holds a sword. They are  two of the four great guardian kings who protect the world and fight evil.

We finished a  lovely tour in the cool highlands by walking round Brinchang town then back to the Strawberry Park Resort. Lots of food and a massage – perfect!