A Few hours in Gibraltar and a Day in Cadiz

The least said about Gibraltar the better. Cold wet and rainy, how does that happen when Spain is always so much sunnier?

We’ve been before and gone to see the rock, the cave, and the monkeys so this time we just walked along the tacky high street in the rain. Then to get dry we went into an English pub- dirty, expensive and badly decorated.


Fastest shore excursion ever. We couldn’t wait to get back on board.

The next port was much better. We didn’t know what to expect of Cadiz as we knew nothing about it but we had a brilliant walk around.


The tourist info office gives you a map with tourist walks marked on it. We tried this, the lines are also painted on the streets although very worn in places. In spite of this we did get lost several times! This is a small enough area to walk round without it mattering. Its surrounded by the sea with narrow streets and lots of plazas. The type of place to just wander and not worry about  the supposed must see sights.


The new part of the city is completely different (just turn the wrong way when you leave the port). It has wide streets and modern housing. Here we found the best cafe ever with lots of freshly made food in pots on the counter. As we sat with our coffees we watched as the locals opened the lids to look and chose selections to take away. For the first time on this trip we really wished we were even a little bit hungry.

Well the next day we would end up in a showery Lisbon, somewhere we had stayed before, but we decided our mystery cruise had been a resounding success taking us to places we probably wouldn’t have chosen.

Despite several visits to Spain it always surprises and impresses us, maybe we should spend more time there.