Las Vegas, The Devils City

Surprisingly I loved Las Vegas and JP who enjoys putting money in a one armed bandit didn’t like it much.

Maybe I’m just fooled by pretty lights but I loved just walking around in the evening. In  America you are free to walk into hotels in a way you can’t in England so you never feel uncomfortable anywhere. You can also dress really badly and not be judged for it and you only have to eat chips all the time ( if you can find broccoli you’re doing  better then me!).

We stayed at the Luxor which is enormous and even the soap is pyramid shaped. We had a nice suite at a great price. There is a hotel casino of course, and a huge range of food options, but I think frozen yoghurt was the closest thing  to healthy.


The Bellagio

This hotel is famous for its fountain which gives an amazing display but inside there is a wonderful glass ceiling. The lobby has two thousand blown glass flowers by Dale Chihuly. Called Italian Flowers in Spring, it weighs forty thousand pounds and cost millions of dollars. A good investment, its a big tourist attraction.


Chihuly glass

Chihuly glass

There are lots of other amazing hotels but the Bellagio was my favourite.

A Flight to the Grand Canyon

We had a brilliant day excursion to Ranch 10 at the grand canyon. A flight from Vegas in a tiny plane. Then American country food, biscuits and gravy for breakfast. This is really a kind of savoury scone  with sausage gravy – interesting but not for regular consumption! For our drive to the canyon edge JP was allowed to drive our all terrain vehicle. Then when we got there no health and safety he went far to close to the huge drop in my opinion. If you stay for the night they have real old covered wagons but we had to go back so  after a good lunch we took the flight back to Vegas for the evening.