On Safari in the Kruger National Park

If you go to south Africa everyone expects you to go on a safari.

Safaris are not cheap but its something you have to do just once even if you are not a great animal lover. As part of a longer touring holiday its easier to do. Kruger National park is the obvious place to go and a two day safari in a not very luxurious campsite is reasonable.

In a Land Rover

The first day consisted of a five hour trip in the back of a land rover with no cushions, no coffee and no loo stop (so  probably just as well there was no coffee!).

I knew it was a once only trip.

You search for the big five  lion, leopards, rhino, elephant, and cape buffalo, these are the famous sights, the most dangerous and difficult to hunt.  We also saw lots of monkeys, giraffes, and deer,  and managed four of the five but no leopards.

Its amazing how close you can get although the guys with super long lenses got much better photos!Then back to the campsite for dinner by the fire and a night in a tent

By Foot

 Next morning we went on a walking safari . You must have at least one armed ranger for safety although, probably foolishly we didn’t feel in any danger. We learnt about animal tracks, local plants and creep crawlies and saw lots of spectacular multi coloured birds. We also learnt more about elephant poo than anybody needs to know. There’s a lot of it, they make seventy kilos a day as they eat plenty and only digest forty five percent of it. Just a few uses are paper, and fertiliser. It’s also  good for burning as fuel for fires.


This was a great experience and I would do it again. But only as a super luxury experience in an air conditioned seven seater with picnic hampers and lodge accommodation.