Relaxing Around Ubud

Walking round Ubud it is easy to spends days doing very little. It is full of craft shops and galleries and the coffee comes with multiple types of brown sugar – bliss.

One of our best days was spent walking for miles in the rice fields watching the workers and finding amazing views wherever we went.


We spent another day temple visiting with Tannah Lot the highlight of the day.

Ulun Danu Bratan

This touristy site on the shore of lake Bratan is dedicated to Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva.It is pictured on the 50,000 Rupiah note.

The three colours of the temple represent the three gods. Red for Lord Brahma the creator. Black for Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. White for Shiva the destroyer.


Taman Ayum

This Balinese temple was the royal temple of the Mengwi empire. It was  was built around 1634 and restored in 1937.


Tannah Lot

This Hindu temple is the famous one that everyone has to visit if they go to Bali. Its very photogenic even though at least a third of the rock it sits on is artificial. The original has eroded away and been replaced without it showing. There are masses of people all day although sunset is the most popular time for photographs.


And of course you  have to visit the monkeys at some point on Bali. Our visit also included giant bats! As we left a monkey landed on my head and took my glasses. That might be amusing for sunglasses but I can’t function without mine so I wasn’t happy. A local retrieved them for me. I think this might be a regular way to get tips but at least I got them back.


That leaves shadow puppet shows, we went to two, and a visit to the market on the one day we got up early oh, and Bintang and cocktails.