Skye in the Autumn

We were meant to visit Skye in the summer on a British Isles cruise but the weather at the top of Scotland meant the seas were too rough for the ships tender needed for reaching Skye.

This time, later in the year, the sea was quieter but the weather was far from ideal. Undaunted by the pouring rain we took our prearranged tour.  For the first stop  our tour literature   said we would be captivated by The Storr, a large cliff, where we would have a photo stop. Well we could see about three feet in front of us in the rain and only a couple of feet above us through the mist so we went past the Storr and along its scenic road without stopping, at least I think we did there was nothing to be  seen out of the windows. Further along the coast we reached Staffin, famous for its dinosaur footprint. We didn’t see that either but apparently its often out of sight covered by sea or sand. As the rain lessened a little I did get a few photos.


The  Skye Museum of Island Life

A short drive away this museum at Kilmuir was next. A fascinating  collection of houses  showing life on Skye from the 1800’s. It was raining really hard now and we dashed from house to house getting completely soaked on the few yards between each.  Started in 1965 with just one house there is now a whole village including a weavers cottage, a barn and a blacksmiths. The croft house has a  fire burning constantly as it would have been in the past  for cooking and heating. Some of the exhibits made me feel distinctly aged as many of the grocery boxes were in my childhood home, although doesn’t OXO still look like that?


The rain was showing no signs of stopping and we were cold and wet, time for hot food and dry clothes.