The Top of Miyajima by Train and Cable Car

Just an hours journey from Hiroshima is Miyajima Island, the sacred island where God dwells.

This is an easy day trip from Hiroshima especially if you have a Japan rail pass as the train and the ferry are both covered. The £200  cost of the pass was seeming like in even more of a bargain.

Miyajima is famous for the giant Tori Gate, celebrated as one of Japans best views. Of course it had scaffolding on when we visited. I could write a book – Scaffolding of the World! At low tide you can walk through the gate and at high tide it looks as if it floats. The bright orange colour is to keep evil spirits away. The Itsukushima Shrine was built in the sea because the land on the island is sacred as the gods live there. Next  to it is  the wonderful five storied pagoda, Gojunoto, a shrine for the Buddha of medicine. There are plenty of chances for souvenir shopping here but we rarely buy them anymore.



We really wanted to go to the top of Mount Misen 353 metres above sea level. At ten minute stroll takes you to the lower cable car station. A thousand yen ticket saves you a two hour climb and two cable cars take you up the mountain where you still have a thirty minute walk to the top.


From the top after looking at the views you have a choice of ways down passing shrines, deer, and giant rocks on the way. Its not an easy walk going down as its very steep in places but there are steps which helps. It took us a long time to get down as we stopped at everything of interest but you can get the cable car down if you only want to see the views from the top.



A great day out, now back to our futons.