A Tour Round Turkey

The best thing about Turkey is its variety. History, both ancient and modern, astounding natural features, and a fascinating culture.


In 1915 allied troops landed on the Gallipoli peninsular as part of an attempt to control the Dardanelles . It was a disaster in terms of casualties on both sides. This is a beautiful and moving place. Its perfectly landscaped and cared for and the guides give you an unbiased version of the events. Strangely it’s one of the best places we have ever visited.


We visited Goreme in Cappadocia. The unique rock formations were formed millions of years ago. Volcanic eruptions produced soft rocks which were eroded by wind and rain to form the shapes we see today. There are several underground cities carved out of the soft rock with connecting tunnels between them. We went to Ozkonak which is built on the slopes of Mount Idis. It was discovered in 1972 by a local farmer . There are ten different levels and even holes to pour boiling oil on  any intruders beneath you. Some of the churches carved into the rock are still in use with paintings still on view.


Pamukkale means cotton castle. The thermal waters flow down the hillside and deposit the white calcium that forms terraced pools. At the top of the hill is the Roman site of Hierapolis. This city had Pagan, Roman, Jewish and Christian influences. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in the thermal waters. Its been a spa since the second century AD because of its hot springs. There is a huge limestone necropolis with twelve thousand tombs.  The Roman theatre is still being excavated. The site was much quieter than the terraced pools although your entrance fee gets you into both.