More Towns of Spain

There are so many more beautiful and interesting towns in Spain. Here are a few of my favourites.


Segovia has an ancient Roman aquaduct with over one hundred and sixty arches.  Its medieval castle was an inspiration for Disney. The cathedral was the last Gothic  Cathedral built in Spain. So this town has plenty going for it.


The town is above a deep gorge which divides the new town from the old. The Puente Neuvo bridge is above the gorge so the views from it are amazing. In the new town is the Plaza de Tores. Here is the famous eighteenth century bullring said to be the birthplace of bullfighting.

Just outside the town Casa Don Bosco is a nice stop of to take in the view.


Salamanca is famous for its university and its sandstone buildings. But my favourite building was the Museo de Art Nouveau. This was a palace once but now its houses the biggest collection of porcelain dolls in the world. There are also paintings and sculpture of course. The new cathedral is right  next to the old building giving it the famous skyline.



Madrid is of course the capital of Spain so it must be visited, Its a very big city with two famous football teams and plenty of things to see. The Plaza Mayor is a must see and the Mercado San Miguel is close by. It’s a fresh food market and a great place for tapas. The Museo de Prado was worth two visits and there is plenty of choice for things to do. But for me it doesn’t have the charm of the smaller towns and villages of the country.