The Towns of Spain

Just like Portugal the best bits of Spain are away from the tourist seaside resorts.


Everyone goes to Granada to visit the Alhambra. This fortified palace was built by the Moors. In the 15th century the Reconquista or Christian reconquest meant the mosque was replaced by a church. Then in the 19th century Napolean’s forces destroyed part of it. Reconstruction has been going on ever since.


In  southern Spain Seville  is the capital of Andalucia. Its birthplace of flamenco. This is a definite must see and so much fun. The centre has a lot of Moorish influence with fountains and painted tiles. Best of all its the home of Spain’s greatest invention – tapas! If you never know what to chose or like a bit of everything tapas is for you.


Just outside Seville is Italica, one of the earliest Roman settlements in Spain. Because the was no modern building over the site there is still plenty to see despite the looting that always happens and the surrounding countryside is still olive groves and farmland.


Mijas Pueblo is a tourist place , full of restaurants and craft shops. But it does have a very authentic  feel with the cobbled streets and whitewashed houses of traditional Andalucian villages. There is a lovely little chapel to the vigen de la Pena. A good place  to have a quick look at with views for miles around.

And as a contrast –


My least favourite place in Spain.  A second visit didn’t improve first impressions. The long high street is filled with duty free shops and several not very entertaining “British” pubs, not much fun.