Akamas by Jeep

There is a big choice of day trips from Paphos and top of our list was an off road jeep drive to the Akamas peninsular.The Akamos peninsular has no main roads but lots of dirt roads and tracks so is the ideal place for this kind of trip. This day depends a lot on your driver, first he needs to be good but also he needs to be fun. Our driver from Stevies Tours was great, good fun and enthusiastic so we had a good day but some people we talked to on different tours didn’t enjoy it at all. You also probably have to enjoy being uncomfortable and slightly scared. The bumpy tracks of the peninsular often follow the edge of the cliff so you are often staring at a very long drop as you bump into the stranger sitting next to you.


A nice gentle start on normal roads we stopped at the little  village of Pegeia to look at the church. The shipwreck made a nice photo. Next a walk in the gorge. The ground is uneven and we had to walk through a stream but it was an easy ramble. We stopped at the point our driver said it began to be unsafe and we retraced our steps.

Then on to the beach at Lara to see where the sea turtles go to lay their eggs.


After lunch at a beach side restaurant at Latchmi the real purpose of our day began. We were bumped up and down, slightly terrified, on a track following the coast for what felt like a long way to The Baths of Aphroditie , not very impressive but very famous locally.


Then back along the same alarming track with the driver calling every passing girl Aphrodite until we stopped for a clamber down to the beach. Even more risky than the drive, one person cut their head on a rock and someone else cut their leg.

Amazingly uninjured, we got back into the jeep for the journey home. A tiring but fun day.