Into theTroodos Mountains

In the height of summer an escape into the Troodos mountains must be a relief from the high temperatures but for us in the autumn sea level temperatures were perfect so we needed more clothes than we had.

But despite being a little chilly we has an interesting day of scenery, villages, monasteries and the tomb of Archbishop  Makarios.

The Troodos mountains are in the middle of the island with the highest peak called mount Olympus. First stop Omodos village, famous for its wine. At 800 metres its the perfect place for a winery. There are stone built houses and a medieval wine press. The perfect small village.


Then to Kykkos monastery where Makarios served as a novice monk. There is a strict dress code but if you don’t pass you are given a delightful garment to wear over your unsuitable clothes.

It contains an icon of the Virgin of Kykkos whose face is hidden. The legend is that  it can never be seen as it will blind anyone that looks. The last person to look at it was the pope in 1669.



Just a little further on is the tomb of Arch bishop Makarios the first president of Cyprus. At the entrance is a huge bronze statue from there you walk up a steep circular  path with mosaics of saints at regular intervals. There is a strong military presence with a guard at  the actual tomb which is in a cave. The view over the trees is another good reason to walk to the top.



Down the hill to coffee with a view.

Troodos view