Bergen By Ferry

Bergen, surrounded by fjords and mountains, is the second largest city in Norway.

The Fish Market

Its famous sights are very close together, as you get off the ferry you are at the fish market. There has been fish trading here since the 1200’s and there are still out door stalls. here you can buy the irresistible tourist fare of whale, moose and reindeer salami. You get a free tasting and they are a good souvenir if you don’t really want to buy at troll. We also tried the fish soup this was delicious but the fish cakes are an acquired taste! There is a new more upmarket indoor section which also houses the tourist information office but even by Norway standards this is too expensive.


Next on to the iconic Bryggen, the old wharf. In 1702 a fire burnt most of Bergen down but the new wooden buildings replaced the wharf in the same place. Now the colourful buildings are upmarket shops and cafes. This is a proper tourist trap with prices to match but still very attractive. But very close by we found some great junk shops complete with troll oil paintings.


Then a short walk to the bottom of mount Floibanen to get the funicular. Each car can carry up to one hundred people. There are actually six stops on the way to the top but only some departures stop at them all. They have a glass ceiling and panoramic windows so in expensive Norway 120 Nok for a round trip is good value.  It only takes six minutes to get to the top where there is a cafe, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and oddly a red telephone box. From three hundred and twenty metres above sea level you get a magnificent view of the port and surrounding city. There are goats at the top as well as trolls but witches are not allowed!

Bergen ferry

Bergen ferry

We got the funicular down as well as we were short of time but it looks like an interesting walk. Bergen has many museums that look worth a little time, I fancied the leprosy museum but JP was quite relieved we had to hurry to catch our ferry back.