Cruising the Canaries

The Canaries are in the Atlantic, only a couple of hundred miles from Morocco. There are seven main islands and its surprising how different they are from each other.

Cruising is the perfect way to get a taste of each island in complete comfort. We chose to go with Fred Olsen and although it wasn’t the best cruise we’ve ever had it was a nice experience. We had a day on each island and could choose exactly what we did each day , either just walking around, going on an organised excursion or getting a taxi. On these two small islands we chose just to wander round on our own looking at the small ports and the nearby countryside.

La Gomera



La Gomera is a small round island of mountains and laurel forest. The soil is poor and hilly so although there are terraced fields it is mainly undeveloped and unspoilt.

It is most famous for the Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO site  covered in laurel forest. Its very easy to go for a gentle walk from the visitor centre where the bus drops you. Its a whole different world.



We arrived at San Sebastian with its small harbour and dark sandy  beach  and we walked up a little way above it to see the dramatic scenery and wildflowers.


El Hierro

Next door is El Hierro, La Isla Chiquitta which  is even smaller. The only port is Puerto de la Estaca on the east coast. This island is wild and mountainous.

We walked uphill around the town and  out into the countryside.

A lovely walk.