Eating in The Ukraine

The obvious Ukrainian dish, Chicken Kiev, isn’t Ukrainian.

It is French. It was first served in Kiev when  tourists began arriving  in the 1960’s and asked for it assuming it was a local dish.

But there are some delicious genuine Ukrainian dishes



There are so  many sausages in The Ukraine.

I think this one  is called Kovbasa  but they all seem to have more than one name or I’m missing some of the intricacies of sausages.


These are filled dumplings made from a flour dough.

They can have almost anything inside – cabbage, mince, potatoes or cheese. They taste a lot better than they look.

All the cheaper eating places sell them.




Deruny are potato pancakes sold everywhere, most often as lunch. They are very easy to make.

You need:-

Three potatoes

Three onions

One egg

Two or three tablespoons of  flour

Peel and grate the potatoes and onions.

Then add the egg and mix everything together.

Add flour until you have a good consistency, probably a couple of tablespoons.

Fry on both sides until brown – about twenty minutes.

These taste good served with mayonnaise, ketchup , or if you want to be authentic, sour cream.