Coffee Time in Canterbury

Sitting in Costa during  a regular shopping trip to Canterbury we had great coffee and toasted sandwiches. These are delicious and reasonably priced

Costa is the biggest coffee shop chain and you can get the same experience in any  city. I even had a Costa in Shanghai recently – exactly the same!

Reliability is good but the same as last week and the week before had  become boring.

It was time to try something else.

So the quest for the perfect coffee in great surroundings began.

We would try every coffee shop in Canterbury in a search for the best.

I have to say this idea formed before we considered how may coffees we would have to get through but once started we will carry on to the end!               

  First stop – Cafe Nero

Cafe Nero claim to provide a continental European coffee house atmosphere with an Italian based food menu.

Its a big chain with two branches in Canterbury city  centre so it seemed a good place to start.


  • In a good location at the top of the town.
  • There was a queue but  the service was fast and friendly.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • The coffee was nice although not very hot.
  • The toasted panettone was delicious.
  • Not too expensive.
  • The toilets were quite dirty. It looked like no had given them more than a quick wipe for a long time.


Acceptable coffee and nice food but the dirty toilets are a major problem.

 This won’t be replacing our Costa visits any time soon.