Exploring Cuba

Around Cuba

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and a wonderful place for  exploring.

Cubans are very proud of their country and always want to tell you how their leaders have given them so many advantages.

As a  country so close to the USA but without any of its influence since 1959 it is fascinating to see how healthcare and schooling are arranged.

Despite it being a poor country the Cuban health service is considered an excellent model.

All health services are government run and based on prevention . This has lead to a life expectancy equal to that of America and lower infant mortality.

School is free for all ages.

Exploring the  Vinales Valley


The Mural de Prehistoria in the Vinales valley is either brilliant or an eyesore depending on your point of view.

I think it is just a weird defaced mountain.

But it is still a sight to see and there is a cave to explore by boat.

Also the surrounding countryside is very beautiful.

Visiting a Rum Factory

Cuba is famous for rum and cigars so a visit to one of the many small factories is a must.

Guayabita del Pinar is a rum liqueur made from cane sugar and guavas.

Just need cigars now!


Cojimar is a  small seaside town famous for being the place Hemmingway moored his boat. It is the background for “The Old Man and the Sea”

You also get a break from the revolution!


Memorial to the dead at Giron

Memorial to the dead at Giron

In 1961 Playa Giron was one of two sites for the American backed attempt to overthrow Fidel.

Now it houses The Bay of Pigs museum which displays military equipment and  photographs.

The displays of personal items from  men who fought at the bay of Pigs really brings the reality of their situation to life.

Santa Clara

In 1958 the last battle of the revolution was fought in Santa Clara.

Guevara’s soldiers destroyed the railroad track and derailed a train full of Barista’s troops.

Ciefuegos’s soldiers defeated a garrison of  Barista’s troops.

Barista was crushed, he fled Cuba.

“We all want to be like Che”

Che poster

Of course I realise that people only tell you what they want you to know and there is much poverty and deprivation.

Many younger people want the freedom to travel and and do things that are currently not allowed.

 But we’ve been round the countryside of Cuba and seen a fabulous welcoming country.