Fun in Havana

“Anything is Possible in Havana”

 Graham Greene

And it probably is. Havana is one of the most fun capital cities.

Transport although uncomfortable and very environmentally unfriendly is wonderful to look at and great  to ride in.

Entertainment options, although set up for tourists, are unsurpassed elsewhere.

 The faded Spanish colonial architecture is fabulous and the climate is subtropical.

cigar smoker

cigar smoker

Earning the tourist dollar. This lady poses for tourist photographs. I think she makes a good living!

Walking Round Havana

Havana feels very exotic, the different styles of architecture all in different states of dilapidation mean there’s something interesting wherever you look.

As always the best sights are the glimpses into houses through the open doors.

dog in doorway

dog in doorway

Getting Around

Cuban cars are all classic American models.

Before the revolution Cuba was a holiday destination for Americans and many cars were imported. In 1960 Eisenhower imposed a trade embargo and the  American sanctions meant no new cars were available. The Cubans have learnt how to maintain these classic models and now you see 1950’s Chevrolets and Chryslers beautifully polished and gleaming in the Caribbean sun.

Many are fitted with diesel engines for economy but Cuban diesel would not pass EU safety rules and the pollution is a serious and very obvious problem as you see the black smoke coming from the car exhausts.

The Coco taxis are auto rickshaws with a fibre glass body and space for just two passengers.

The Tropicana

The Tropicana Cabaret Club is the oldest in Havana. Of course it is a tourist trap and not cheap but sometimes it is the tourist duty to pay over the odds for a unique experience. I thought it was worth it. We had rum, a soft drink, and snacks at a table with a view of the open air stage surrounded by palm trees. You are allowed to take photos if you pay for a pass but it is difficult to get a clear view.The music and lighting were superb and the show girls had fabulous make up and costumes.

A very enjoyable evening.

The Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

All those mojitos!

Originally a 1940’s members club its now another tourist trap but was  the best night out of our trip.

We went with a group but were sitting next to a crowd of young Colombians. They really know how to enjoy themselves and made the British look much too reserved.

Colombia immediately went on to my go to list.

The Mojito’s were large and cold as usual in Cuba and the music was from before the revolution, the professional dancers were excellent.

The evening ended with a conga and  was one to remember.