Georgetown at Last

The Georgetown Must Sees

First a drive out to the Kek Lok Si.  The temple of 10,000 buddhas is on a hill outside Georgetown so the views are great.

Back into town the next visit was to the star shaped Fort Cornwallis. The fort  was originally built in 1786 on the site that the British first landed.


Its not that exciting but grandad  had fun.

Photos for the kids!


Sri Rambai canon

Sri Rambai canon

And even a canon can be famous! (read the notice)


Weld quay has eight clan jetties. These are inhabited by the descendants of Chinese immigrants. Houses are supported by wood and run along both sides of a wooden walkway over the water. They have  zinc roofing and a porch for storing bikes and almost everything else you could ever need!



Now for another temple. Wat Chayamangkalaram.

This temple houses the worlds third largest reclining Buddha at 108 feet long (or if you’re under fifty 33 metres). It was built in 1845 on land given to local Thai’s by Queen Victoria.


A Walk Around Georgetown

Georgetown is quite dirty and smelly but the centre is a great place for a stroll there is lots to look at.

An added attraction is the street art. You can get a map with the works marked on it but for many of the most popular works you need to queue behind lots of young people taking selfies with the art. They also don’t seem to understand that I might just want to take a photo of the painting with out them or me in it. I know I was there I don’t need a photo of myself there to prove it! A generation thing I guess but I find it tiresome. Sounded like a real old grump then but I can’t help it.


Food and an evening stroll. Perfect.