Kiev, city of churches, statues and parks



Kiev is a city of stunning  churches, huge statues and charming parks.


Arguably the most beautiful church of many  in Kiev, Saint Michael’s golden domed monastery was built in 1108.

it has been extensively rebuilt and is still in use.

It has a bell tower although we didn’t go up  and murals along the entrance wall.

Pechersk Lavra is a huge site with churches, towers and caves on a steep hillside. It is, of course a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Its full of tourists but you won’t find any information in English. We did manage to get a little guide book from the small shop at the entrance so we had some idea of what we were looking at. It is famous for its caves where monks lived with just a small hole for food to be passed to them. When they died they were left in place and their bodies were preserved by the cool humid atmosphere. They give you a headscarf if you’ve forgotten yours (again!)and you can walk round looking at the bodies . I found it all a bit much and very creepy so we didn’t go in very far.


One of several beautifully kept parks we strolled through.


Peizazhna Alley, better known as Landscape Alley is on old Kiev hill.

Its a fantasy land of strange benches even stranger statues, mosaics and fountains.

There are angels on cushions an elephant in a fountain and a 30 metre mosaic cat centipede. Its a popular place to walk with great views of Kiev.



golden statue



No idea who this guy is but he must be a super hero with that gold cape!