Kiev River Cruise

A planned cruise down the Dnieper from Kiev to the Black Sea was was cancelled when Russia annexed the Crimea in 2014 so we took the chance to spend a few days in Kiev as soon as we could.

I see these cruises have been reinstated now missing out the areas in Russian control. Never mind  this afternoon boat ride through the centre of Kiev was a lovely substitute on a hot day. The boat was kind of crazy – covered with metal flowers and was popular with the locals (they were all below decks in the bar!). We even got free ice creams.

The Sights of Kiev

Kiev’s best sights all seen from the boat.

The Motherland or Rodina monument is so big, higher than the statue of liberty, that it can be seen clearly from the river.

She carries a 12 ton sword in one hand and the USSR symbol in the other. It is  known as Brezhnev’s mother as he opened it in 1981.

We saved  Pechersk Lavra and the Friendship Arch for another day.



Relaxing by the river

And Relax!