Lost in Vilnius

Arriving in Vilnius

The truly great panoramic view from our hotel room didn’t quite make up for the old black knickers I found when I opened the curtains further to see everything.

As I kicked them further into the corner it occurred to me that several previous guests may have done the same. How long had they been there? A grown up would have called housekeeping or put them in the bin but I just ignored them for the three days we were there. (So did the chambermaid!)


Walking round Vilnius

Vilnius is closed on Mondays and I’m sure it has a ministry of obfuscation – all the street signs seem to only point vaguely in the direction of the attraction and all signs disappear before you reach your destination. Tourists stand on corners hopelessly staring at upside down maps or following google maps which at one point believes you have the ability to fly. Despite the setbacks we had a good day wandering  along Pilies Street in the old town with its many restaurants and coffee shops.