Nashville, Music City

We had two weeks in Florida to go to all the theme parks and had a great time. Moving up the country we took a short flight to Nashville to see music city.The first thing I noticed was boots! They were everywhere in every colour and shape as long as they were cowboy. Rows and rows of them and at crazy low prices. I tried on a few, well about a dozen, then went off the idea. They wouldn’t have looked so good at home.

The Grand Ole Opry


But the real reason for visiting was the music. The Grand Ole Opry had been near the top of my wish list for years. In 1925 the local radio station started a live country music broadcast which eventually became the Grand Ole Opry. Now it’s  the longest running live programme on radio. It is a mixture of country, blue grass and gospel. Sitting high up in the audience you get an exciting mix of music. Even if you aren’t the greatest country fan the excitement is catching and the great atmosphere and variety of acts mean you have a good time.

Where to Stay

Just a few minutes away is the amazing Gaylord Opry land Resort. A walk around this place is mind boggling. I wish we had splashed out and stayed in the resort instead of a very dodgy motel on Dickerson Pike. Maybe next time.

There are two free bus routes to take you round the centre of Nashville but really you want to spend most of your time on Broadway between 1st and 5th . There is music everywhere and you can wander between the venues until you find exactly what you like as there are no entry charges.

The Country Music Hall of Fame

The other essential place to go is the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you have even a passing interest in popular music you will love this place. Founded in 1961 Chet Atkins, a favourite of mine from way back, was one of the early inductees. Every year new people are added and now there are 139 inductees. I haven’t heard of the majority of them but found my favourites.

The costumes are amazing, lots of brightly coloured satin cowboy shirts and yet more boots. JP appreciated the guitar’s and we found one owned by Neil Young. The interactive displays were good.It was fun discovering old songs and remembering the words.