The Museums of Chisinau

Museums are a great way to spend a day while dodging rain storms.

Museum of History

The National Museum of History, just behind the parliament building, is excellent if you can stand the scrutiny of the babushkas. They hunt the rare tourists in gangs of two following you disapprovingly  until they pass you on to another guardian of their treasure in the next room.



Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum is a different story. It is a wonderful mixture of costumes, pottery and bones, lots of bones. The ladies there, although they speak no English, are very keen to show you everything and led us back in thinking we had missed the most important bones. Those of the denoterium, an elephant type creature, that they were very proud of.

 Beware though they have squat toilets (an important warning for the aged!)



Visiting both of these very different museums does help you understand a little about Moldova.

A seldom explored landlocked country with soviet style architecture that feels left behind by the rest of the world even though it has amazingly fast internet even in the park!