A February Cruise

January often seems to go on forever. Although February is shorter  why spend another month in the British winter if you don’t have to.

Better to go in search of the sun!

A Cruise in the Sun

The Arab Emirates are unbearably hot in the summer but February is still cool enough to enjoy yourself as long as you are careful about the heat.

A cruise  is usually a  good way to see several countries easily and is good value for money.

We chose Royal Caribbean as we needed to end up in Dubai and because the dates were convenient for us. A nice easy week but with lots to see.

A cruise means cocktail time and maybe a brisk stroll round the deck but definitely not rock climbing – its good to watch the youngsters do it though!

I do like a cocktail of the day although on this cruise they concentrated on frozen drinks and my teeth aren’t up to it. Even with alcohol in slush puppies don’t seem to be a grown up drink.

They had the usual party night on deck and pub and trivia quizzes to keep us busy in the early evening.

There was even beginners belly dancing but I gave that a miss along with the karaoke.

Our cruise took us to Dubai, Khasab, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and then back to Dubai with only one day at sea.

One a sea day a week is my limit. I hate them, they just seem to be a day when meals merge into each other and you wander around the ship aimlessly.

I know this is most peoples idea of a good holiday but to me its the price to pay for the rest of the week.

Also the number of old people sitting on the deck all day freak me out a bit as I’m fighting the years so as not to join them any time soon.

But apart from that, and of course eating too much, quite a good week.

Cruise on Splendour of the Seas