Coffee Time in Canterbury – Alice and the Hatter

Alice and the Hatter Themed Tearooms have finally opened in Canterbury so it had to be this weeks venue for coffee.

The decor is attractive with models of Alice and the Mad Hatter. The menu is themed with names like The Walrus or The Carpenter but although the food is OK its basically different types of roll. We did see the cream teas being served but stuck to sandwiches followed by a delicious piece of candy floss cake.


This place is nicely designed and we enjoyed our food. The menu has plenty of choice of the cheese or chicken sandwich variety. There are plenty of cakes on display.

  • Good location in St Margarets Street.
  • The service was pleasant and friendly.
  • Seating upstairs and down.
  • The coffee was OK and the tea was good.
  • The food was nice but a bit solid. The cake was delicious.
  • There is only one toilet and the door sticks but they have only just opened so they may fix it.


We enjoyed this but they could have done so much more with the theme by altering the food a little. There we not even any jam tarts!