Coffee Time in Canterbury – Wildwood

Wildwood’s menu led us astray this week. Two courses and a drink – a main and either a starter or dessert, for £10 seemed a better bet than just a coffee.



The choices are good – pasta, pizza, or a burger followed by ice cream or a chocolate brownie. Or if you prefer a starter we chose bruschetta pomodoro which was excellent. The drinks on offer are are a coke, an Italian beer or a glass of house wine.



  • The location in St. Peters Street next to the river is perfect.
  • The service was very friendly and helpful.
  • lots of room and plenty of tables, this place is bigger than it looks from the street.
  • We did have very good coffee as an extra after our meal.
  • The food, especially the bruschetta was excellent.
  • We paid an extra pound each to make our wine a large one and got more food than we could eat so very good value.
  • The toilets were clean.




We had a great meal and good coffee for a very good price. We will definitely be going back soon.